You can access the administration area either by opening the page directly in your browser:




or, if you are already logged in to the portal with a user login, use the "Administration" button.


admin quickbar



Log in as an administrator with the "admin" default username and the "admin" default password.



Make sure to change the default login information after setting up the webPDF server!


You will find all of the options for setting the portal and the webPDF server in this area. A user with the role of "Administrator“ is required to use this area. If you are already logged in to the portal with a user of this group, this login is applied.


The functions of the administration area can be controlled using the


Ribbon or



as desired.


You can use the ribbon to access all administration area functions, which are subdivided into the following two tabs:


Server - Services related to the server and its settings.

Server - Services related to the portal and its settings.


admin menu


You can access the portal’s general functions in the ribbon’s upper right area.


Main display


By default, the main display shows a variety of server information. You can use the button in the upper right to switch between the


info_view Server Information and the


debug_view Server Logs (debug) pages.


The following pages deal with the functions and services of the administration area.