The Server Information page can be found in the administration area’s main display. It shows general information regarding the server. The program will automatically update this information after a specific interval, meaning that you do not need to refresh the page.


Clicking on debug_view will switch the view to the Server Logs page.


admin info



Server Information


The "Server Information" pane shows memory usage status information, as well as information regarding the environment where the webPDF server is being run, the operating system that is being used, and the JVM version that is being used.


To increase your available memory, please see the chapter Configuration Files.


Web Services


The sidebar has a menu option for each one of the individual web services. This option will indicate the current web service status with the use of an icon. Following are the corresponding status icons:



The web service is enabled and is running correctly


The web service has been disabled


The web service is not available with the current license


Web service error


Unknown web service status



If a web service is not available, then the corresponding functions in the portal are also disabled.


For a detailed error analysis, please check the webPDF server logs.




The "License" section shows the license status. If a license has not been entered in the configuration, the webPDF server will run in demo mode. When the webPDF server is running in demo mode, a watermark is added to every page of any PDF document that is created or modified.


If a license has been entered in the configuration, then this page will show you the information on the license used:


The licensee,

The serial number

The version number

The max. number of instances per web service

The unlocked web services (modules)