Page box

You can use the "Page box" service




to have the portal provide the function for configuring a page box


The "Page box" service is based on the "Toolbox" web service.


Edit page box


You can use this dialog box to modify the various page boxes for a PDF page. The various boxes are as follows:


Media box = The page’s physical dimensions.

Crop box = The visible (printable) page area.

Bleed box = Untrimmed content position on the page (content dimensions plus trim box).

Trim box = Trimmed content position on the page (final content dimensions).

Art box = Position for special page content (images).


You can edit or remove the individual boxes.


For more details on selecting pages, please refer to the Page functions chapter.



The positions and dimensions of each individual box can depend heavily on the boxes around it. Size changes to boxes must not result in a box projecting beyond the borders of the media box. In other words, it is necessary to ensure that whenever the media box is resized (or when a change is made to the boxes in it), none of the boxes in it exceed its dimensions.


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