Folder Structure

The following provides a description of the server's entire directory structure.


In Linux, all directories will be found in the "/opt/webpdf" installation directory.


In Windows, the "/conf", "/keystore", "/logs", and "/temp" folders will be found in "C:\ProgramData\webPDF". All other folders will be found in the installation folder.



Deleting or renaming directories may cause server malfunctions or complete server failures/crashes. Changing the content of files may also cause server malfunctions or failures/crashes.


The "conf/" and "keystore/" folders contain the configuration data for the server. This configuration data should be backed up on a regular basis. The "*.vmoptions" (in Windows) and "" or "webpdf.service" (in Linux) files may contain custom settings, and accordingly should be backed up as well.


The "logs/" and "temp/" directories contain the server’s working data. The working data in "temp/" can be deleted if necessary (if the server is not being run). The "logs/" folder can also be deleted (if you want to keep the logs, you can back up this folder on a regular basis).


Directory details:


/uninstalled (in Windows only)

Directory with installation data and for the deinstallation of webPDF.



The directory contains the Chromium installation which is used to convert HTML content (e.g. e-mails)



This directory contains the configuration files for the server and for the individual web application components.



Includes a reduced and customized Java Runtime Engine (JRE) for running the server.



Default directory for the keystore. A keystore file in this directory must be specified by means of the server configuration.



The libraries for the Tomcat server.



License information for webPDF.



This directory contains the server log files (ASCII files).



If you encounter problems with the server, please check the log files before trying anything else. All errors are logged there. If the information found there does not help, please contact Support via e-mail and send us the log file for your server.


/officebridge (in Windows only)

This folder contains OfficeBridge, which is used to manage the Office automation used by the "Converter" web service.



Toolbox for converting any number of file formats to PDF format. The "Converter" web service uses this installation.



Toolbox for the conversion of PDF documents to PDF/A format and validation of PDF/A documents. It is used by the “Pdfa” web service.



This directory contains resources that the server requires in order to run the web services. These resources include, but are not limited to, the files used for format recognition and the schema for the web services’ parameters.



This folder contains the installation package for SharePoint Bridge.



This directory contains temporary files for the servers and the web services.



Templates and help files for the conversion of different file formats.



Toolbox for OCR processing. It is used by the “OCR” web service.



This directory holds webPDF portal application files.



Toolbox for converting URLs and HTML documents. It is used by the “URLConverter" web service.