By default, webPDF uses Oracle's integrated "Outside In" toolbox in order to convert third-party formats (e.g., Office documents and image file formats) to PDF format. This toolbox is used both by the portal and by the "Converter" web service.


The external toolbox is located in the "outsidein/" subdirectory, found in webPDF's installation directory.


webPDF supports all file formats that can be loaded by “Outside In” and that can be stored in PDF format.



Alternatively, Microsoft Office documents can also be converted directly with Microsoft Office and Word documents can be converted with SharePoint.


webPDF will automatically detect formats, i.e., you do not need to specify the file type of the file being converted. webPDF will not use the file extension as a basis when detecting formats, but will use the file contents as a basis instead. When a format is recognized, it will be assigned to the corresponding "mime-type" and the appropriate converter will be called.


You can find an up-to-date list of supported formats at:



The list includes all formats supported by "Outside In". webPDF only uses the PDF export function provided by "Outside In." Please note that not all of the formats listed (e.g. audio or video formats) can be stored in PDF format.


As of this writing, webPDF uses version 8.5.3. of Outside In PDF Export.


Oracle Outside In PDF Export © 1993, 2016 Oracle.

The software is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group.



Please note that the converter will not require or use the original application (i.e., the application to which the original file format corresponds). File formats will always be converted directly by the converter. This means that there might be differences between the converted document and the original document.