HTML conversion

The "URLConverter" and "Converter" web services make it possible to convert HTML content to PDF format. Both of these web services use the "Chromium” toolbox, version 75.0.3749, to do so. To use HTML conversion, the Chromium bridge must be enabled.


The external toolbox is located in the "chromium/" subdirectory found in webPDF's installation directory.



"URLConverter" Web Service


The "URLConverter" web service makes it possible to call HTML documents via a URL. When the web service is used, the URL’s HTML content is retrieved and converted to a PDF document with the toolbox.


The "URLConverter" is primarily intended for URLs over which you have control in terms of content and structure, e.g., your own websites or applications. While any URL can be converted with the web service, this will not always yield an optimal output quality, since these URLs are often optimized for screens, but not for PDFs.



All external contents (images, scripts, etc.) will always be retrieved

As of this writing, only the "Basic access authentication" authentication method is supported (please refer to URLConverter parameters)



"Converter" web service


The "Converter" web service uses the toolbox to convert HTML documents which are available as a file and to convert e-mails the content of which is defined based on HTML. This is the case, for example, with "MSG” or "EML" e-mail messages.



When converting e-mails, “downloading” all images is disabled as the “default,” i.e., only images embedded in the e-mail will be shown. This behaviour can be adjusted with the parameters for the "Converter” web service.

HTML contents must define a <base href=""> in order to resolve links

For file-based HTML content, the option "baseURL" must be used to specify a base URL.

In file-based HTML content, images are looked for as a URL relative to the file (except if a "baseURL" has been set).

All images are downloaded for HTML documents

Image downloads and font modifications apply only to the HTML content or embedded CSS code. Externally loaded CSS files (e.g. via "@import") are not modified.