Important information


This page contains important information, notes, and changes to the product. Please make sure to read and take this information into account.


Changes in Version 8.0


Conversion to Java 11


webPDF Version 8 and higher is based on Java 11. The required runtime engine will be installed during installation as well. Please note that an older version can no longer be used.


No automatic fallback for Office bridge anymore


If the Office bridge is enabled on the server but is not available at the time of conversion (web service call), the system will no longer fall back on OutsideIn. Instead of this, the conversion will be aborted and error code -2507 will be returned.


Last version with SOAP 1.1 and old parameter structure


Version 8 is the last version to still use "&" parameters for passing parameters and, accordingly, to contain the old SOAP 1.1 endpoints. Starting with the next version, this passing method, as well as the SOAP 1.1 endpoints, will be fully removed. Accordingly, make sure to migrate existing applications to SOAP 1.2 or REST and the new parameter structure.


Changed return values when retrieving information about a document


The data structure when retrieving information about a document, such as


GET /webPDF/rest/documents/{documentId}/info


has been shortened / the information about a PDF document has been moved to the “metadata” node (used only for PDF documents).



Changes in Version 7.0


Change to format used to pass parameters

Starting with Version 7, parameters are no longer passed as individual strings concatenated with "&", but are instead passed as a complex XML or JSON structure. The parameters are defined with the XML Schema Definition (XSD) language and are available as a schema at .


Deprecated endpoints

Due to the change in the way parameters are passed, certain SOAP and REST endpoints have been deprecated in Version 7 and higher. Due to compatibility reasons, however, these old endpoints are still available in Version 7. It is important to keep in mind that new web services and parameters are only available for the new endpoints.



The SOAP 1.1 endpoints are considered to have been deprecated starting with this version and, accordingly, should not be used anymore for new integrations. Existing connections to these endpoints should be switched to the new SOAP 1.2 endpoints as well.



Certain REST endpoints are flagged as having been deprecated at http://localhost:8080/webPDF/help/restful/. These endpoints should no longer be used. If possible, existing connections should be switched to the new endpoint.


SOAP 1.2

The webPDF server only provides SOAP Version 1.2 endpoints now.



In Windows, the configuration and the working data are now stored in "C:\ProgramData\webPDF". This data will not be deleted automatically after an update or uninstall.



Changes in Version 6.0



The "Business Edition" has two (2) instances in the standard version.


Users in "conf/"

The user data for access to the web services and the portal are saved in "conf/user.xml". There is no longer a database and no administration takes place via the portal. The user database must be edited manually or an external source must be configured.



The settings for the configuration in "application.xml" are made via the "Admin area" of the portal. Manual settings should be avoided if at all possible.


New portal

The introduction of the new portal has changed the user guidance and the settings for the old portal no longer exist. In the new version, all settings for the portal are made via the "Admin area" of the portal



Changes in Version 5.0


"OOoConverter" Web Service removed

As of version 5.0 of webPDF, the web service "OOoConverter" is no longer available. Only the "Converter" web service is provided for the conversion of file formats to PDF. In terms of technology, the WSDL interface of the “OOoConverter” web service is still present and can be called, but internally, the call is diverted to the “Converter” web service. Consequently, it is important that you migrate your existing applications to the new "Converter" web service.


New PDF/A converter

The technical platform behind the "Pdfa" web service has been changed. The new toolbox operates much more quickly - at times even by a factor of three to four - during PDF/A conversion and validation. For this reason, the parameter "pdfa.forceConversion" has been removed because it is not supported by the new toolbox. The parameter "pdfa.forceConversion.resolution" has also been removed in consequence and is now called "pdfa.imageQuality“ because it now has a general effect on the compression during PDF/A conversion.


The "Pdfa" web service log

Due to the technical replacement of using the Toolbox for the PDF/A converter, the structure of the XML report during a PDF/A conversion or check has also changed.


External Tools

The web services "URLConverter" and "OCR" use the external tools "wkhtmltopdf" (GNU Lesser GPL) and "tesseract" (Apache License 2.0), which are available as Open Source tools. The tools have been incorporated in the webPDF server in unmodified form and are installed automatically in the corresponding subdirectories of the server. Only limited support is provided for these Open Source products, i.e. the integration and configuration in the context of webPDF server is supported, but not the modification of the Open Source products.