PDF/A Check

The PDF/A check is carried out by the "Pdfa" web service. This is a special function of the web service for PDF/A conversion. In this case, the web service does not directly carry out a conversion, but checks an already existing PDF/A document against a specific PDF/A standard (validation).


This mode can be enabled with the "analyze" option in the web service parameters.


In order to run a validation, the "Pdfa" web service needs to be run with the




parameter. In addition, the




parameter must be used to define the PDF/A standard that will be used to check the PDF document. If a PDF/A document is provided at the time the web service is called, then it will be checked against the defined standard (validated).


In a PDF/A check, only the first step of the PDF/A conversion is carried out: The analysis of the PDF document.


There must be no errors already as of this step for a PDF/A document to comply with the selected standard. The PDF/A check does not carry out a conversion of the PDF document (to eliminate errors).


Once the check has been carried out, the web service returns an XML Report as the result.


If the check is successful, i.e. a PDF document complies with the required PDF/A standard, then the “error code” in the XML report is set to “0”.



If the check is unsuccessful, then the XML report contains the corresponding error code. In this case, the other sections in the report will contain more detailed information concerning the reason why the check was unsuccessful (please refer to XML report for details)


PDF/A Check in the portal


It is also possible to carry out a check of a PDF/A document in the Web Portal.


If this is done in the web portal and the check is successful, a message to this effect will appear.


pdfa ok


If the operation is not successful, an XML report is also returned (see PDF/A Conversion) which contains information about the errors.


pdfa error


In order to provide additional information in the event of errors, the web portal makes it possible to download an XML error report. To see the complete report, click on the download button (see the image).


This report will also be available if you call the "Pdfa" web service directly from a programming language or from an application of your own, for example. Within this context, the "errorReport" and "successReport" parameters are used to control when and how this report will be returned (please refer to PDF/A conversion)