webPDF features a statistics service (called "Billing") that keeps a record of all of the web services' operations. A corresponding XML file is created in the "logs/" directory every day.


webpdf-billing.<YYYY-MM-DD>.log = Statistical records for the webPDF Server (for each day).


This file keeps a record of every web service call in the form of an XML entry called "<entry>". This file can be used for billing or statistical analysis purposes, for example. webPDF does not use these files for any purpose.



The document’s format is described by the schema.


An entry is created for each web service call.


Following is an example of an entry made when a “docx” file is converted to PDF format with the "Converter" web service:


      <error number="0"/>
          <start date="2013-08-02" time="07:28:33" zone="+0200"/>
          <end date="2013-08-02" time="07:28:36" zone="+0200"/>
          <job id="0"/>
          <runtime milliseconds="2499"/>
      <webservice name="Converter" operation="0">
          <application name="portal"/>
          <user name=""/>
          <customer code=""/>
          <size bytes="19725"/>
          <format name="docx"/>
          <size bytes="18946"/>
          <format name="pdf"/>
          <pages count="2"/>


The "<error> " entry uses "numbers" to indicate the error code for the relevant web service call. If the entry's value is "0," the web service was run successfully. If the value is negative, an error has occurred.


The "<execution>" section provides information concerning how long the web service was run.

<start date="..." time="..."> = Start time of execution

<end date="..." time="..."> = End time of execution

<job id="..."> = Internal server job number

<runtime milliseconds="..."> = Runtime


The "<webservice>" section provides information regarding the selected web service.

name = Name of web service (the name in the web service URL)

operation = Operation number (pdf.pdfOperation) for "Toolbox" web service. "0" for all others.


The "<application name="...">", "<user name="...">", and "<customer code="...">" values in the "<webservice>" section can be defined when calling the web service. The corresponding values are passed with the web service parameters.


"<input>" holds information concerning the file that was transferred to the web service for processing. The "<size bytes="...">" element indicates the file’s size. The file’s output format, which corresponds to the file extension, is saved in "<format name="...">".


The "<output>" element provides information concerning the file returned by the web service call. "<size bytes="...">" contains the file’s size. The return format is saved in "<format name="...">". The "<pages count="...">" element provides the number of pages if the return format is "pdf;" otherwise, a value of "0" will be entered (e.g., in the case of "zip").