webPDF is licensed with no limit regarding the hardware (CPU) or number of PDF documents created.


The license for webPDF covers one single server installation. Each installation features two (2) instances of each web service, i.e., a maximum of two requests can be processed simultaneously for each web service. The number of instances (and thedata throughput as a result) can be increased with additional licenses.


The webPDF license is a license for direct, personal, and exclusively internal use for end customers. This means that it is expressly prohibited at all times to make webPDF available to third parties. In particular, providing third parties with (direct or indirect) access to webPDF web services, as well as providing these web services as a service (e.g., as an ASP or in the form of SaaS), is strictly prohibited by the terms of this license.


The use of webPDF in corporate groups and/or companies, public institutions, and data centres; as well as running applications as part of an ASP, SaaS, or comparable solution; is also strictly prohibited without a separate license. Accordingly, a separate terms-of-use agreement (license) is required for these cases.


Further information on licensing can be found on the website or in the License Conditions. If you have any questions regarding licensing, please contact Support.



Web services and number of instances based on the license


The webPDF server provides its PDF functions in the form of web services. At present, the webPDF server is equipped with a total of six (6) web services.


Converter - File conversion to PDF format

Signature - Digitally sign PDF documents

Pdfa - Convert PDF documents to PDF/A format and validate existing PDF/A documents

Toolbox - Process PDF documents (e.g., split them, change their security settings, export them as image files, print them)

URLConverter - Convert HTML contents which are invoked via URL into PDF documents

OCR - Optical character recognition of documents which exist as graphics and conversion to resolved PDF documents

Barcode - Used to generate and recognize barcodes in PDF documents


In the standard version, a max. of two (2) instances of each web service can be run simultaneously. This limitation is regulated via the license or the license key. The number of instances can be increased with a license expansion. Ask Support for more information of this.