About the Product

webPDF is a platform-independent Java-based and server-based solution that enables users to:


Convert over 100 file formats to PDF format

Digitally sign PDF documents (with an electronic signature)

Convert documents to PDF/A format and validate PDF/A documents

Edit (split, merge, rotate, etc.) PDF documents

Print PDF documents

Export PDF documents as image files in a variety of formats

Convert HTML pages (URLs) to PDF documents

Apply watermarks in PDF documents

Converting graphics to resolved PDF documents by means of character recognition (OCR)


Using a converter enables webPDF to convert various file formats to PDF format without having to install or use the original application. By using digital certificates and digital timestamps, PDF documents can be signed and certified, thus ensuring their originality and correctness. A variety of operations makes it possible to split, merge, modify, print, and export PDF documents. The use of standards such as PDF/A makes it possible to prepare PDF documents for archiving and to check existing PDF documents with a PDF/A validation process.


webPDF has been implemented as a J2EE application based on Apache Tomcat. Allowing every user and developer in your organization to access its services in the form of Java web services (SOAP oder RESTful). You can access and use these services in your own applications via the pre-defined (API) interfaces and J2EE architecture.


webPDF does not require any third-party products in order to process your PDF documents. webPDF is a turnkey out-of-the-box solution that can be used as a Windows service or Linux daemon (for example).


Every application in your organization can access the web services (provided it can communicate with web services) and thus make use of the functionality provided.


Or... You can provide your users with access to the server by using the included portal.


Or... You can create your own portal or integrate the service into an existing portal.